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Xailin® Hydrate 10ml

These contact lens friendly, soothing and lubricating eye drops give long-lasting protection from dry eye sensations.

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Xailin® Hydrate

Xailin® Hydrate eye drops have soothing, moisturising and lubricating properties for long-lasting relief from ocular discomfort and irritation associated with dry eyes, tiredness and environmental factors such as wind, salt water, smoke or computer work.

These drops containing hypromellose are ideal for the treatment of mild, occasional or temporary forms of dry eye.

Xailin® Hydrate contains a gentle preservative which has significantly less adverse reactions compared with traditional preservatives such as benzalkonium chloride.*

* Xailin® Hydrate previously contained perborate, and now contains stabilised oxychloro complex (SOC).

What our customers have to say

Jo - Leeds Excellent Product

I bought this product after experiencing dry eye symptoms due to wearing my contact lenses for a prolonged period of time – and these drops are amazing! My eyes feel great!

Excellent service,price and fast delivery I could not ask for better service. Thank you so much

I would certainly buy from them again and the service was easy to use, very prompt and well-packaged. Fantastic!

Great product – VisualXL and fast, efficient service

fast delivery

Am taking on the advice of ophthalmologist in the hope that it will help to maintain good eye health as I have been diagnosed with glaucoma. Condition stable, so so far so good.