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VisuXL® 30 x 0.33ml UD Vials

More than just a standard eye drop. Do you need greater symptom relief and advanced healing properties? Then VisuXL® is for you. It helps heal ocular surface damage from persistent dry eye, recent surgery or an injury.

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More than just a standard eye drop. VisuXL® provides greater symptom relief and advanced healing properties particularly if you have ocular surface damage, have had recent surgery or an injury.

VisuXL® is for you if:

  • You have severe and persistent damaging dry eye.
  • You are not able to manage the severity of symptoms using any other eye drops.
  • You have had recent eye surgery or vision correction surgery.
  • You have experienced a recent eye injury.
  • You require a product with healing properties.

Key features:

  • Long-lasting protection, up to 3 times longer than a standard drop
  • A unique combination of ingredients that provides healing benefits
  • Repairs and prevents damage to the surface of the eye
  • Provides greater relief
  • From just 2 drops per day

VisuXL® is preservative free and can be used with contact lenses.

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What our customers have to say

Russell - Norfolk Excellent eye drops

I have purchased the VisuXL UD vials for the 1st time; I have to say these are excellent, for someone with a long term eye condition who has regular injections I would highly recommend. I was fortunate that my condition was caught very early, so providing the best support for my long term eye health is very important to me. Will purchase on a regular basis now along with the VisuEVO which I use daily, the combination of both works very well for me, as I use a Laptop/PC daily in my work and studies.

Brighton - East Sussex Great drops, convenient on the go

These were originally prescribed by the eye hospital, I needed preservative free drops as I had issues with other drops. It’s great to know that I can get them individually packaged, very convenient for travelling.

Valerie Chalk

I don’t use these every day but the product works as intended and certainly keeps my eyes moist. Very pleased.