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Eye Drop Applicator that helps you put eye drops in your eyes easily. Specifically for standard eye drop bottles that have a nozzle.

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Product Description

Eye Drop Applicator that helps you put eye drops in your eyes easily. Specifically for standard eye drop bottles that have a nozzle.

No Blink Reflex: Due to its innovative design, you do not see the drop coming into your eye which stops involuntary blinking.

  • For All Ages: EziDrops Eye Drops Applicator is suitable for helping the whole family, from young children to the elderly.
  • Easy To Use: EziDrops helps you put the drops right in the centre of the eye, without seeing them coming, helping prevent wastage.
  • Compatibility: This version is only suitable for standard eye drop bottles that have a nozzle, and do NOT have a wide/flat head.
  • Reusable: Simply wash with warm water and soap before each use. To avoid the risk of cross-infection, do not share with others.


How to use:

  1. Wash EziDrops applicator before each use.
  2. Turn EziDrops upside down and put the nozzle of the bottle into the top of the applicator.
  3. Now raise both the bottle and applicator onto the eye whilst tilting your head backwards, looking towards the ceiling.
  4. Once your head is as far back and EziDrops is as flat as possible, squeeze the bottle to release a drop.
  5. Wipe off any excess fluid with a tissue.

What our customers have to say

Sharon Brett - Crayford, Kent Much needed relief

Found these drops on instagram and ordered them straight away. So glad i did as they have given me much needed relief after suffering from dry eye for many years.Would definitely recommend.

Georgina - Essex Lifesaver!

Bought a few products from this site as my dry eye has been so bad and sore for years now . The office I work in has poor ventilation so it takes the whole weekend to recover from this. Since I used this eye gel I’ve had no more problems… solved years of discomfort

Jo - West Yorkshire Excellent Drops!

I love the TREHAPAN drops – they allow me to wear my contact lenses for longer and leave my eyes feeling refreshed. I would highly recommend these!

Sheela - Reading, UK Night dryness relief

Was prescribed this at the hosp clinic appt who fail to write it up on my clinic letter. I found this gel very beneficial for my eyes it has given me so much relief and calmed the dryness over night.

Russell - Norfolk Excellent eye drops

I have purchased the VisuXL UD vials for the 1st time; I have to say these are excellent, for someone with a long term eye condition who has regular injections I would highly recommend. I was fortunate that my condition was caught very early, so providing the best support for my long term eye health is very important to me. Will purchase on a regular basis now along with the VisuEVO which I use daily, the combination of both works very well for me, as I use a Laptop/PC daily in my work and studies.

Jo - Leeds Excellent Product

I bought this product after experiencing dry eye symptoms due to wearing my contact lenses for a prolonged period of time – and these drops are amazing! My eyes feel great!